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It’s Cultures And Traditions : Taboos In Igbo And Yorubaland That Can Cost Ones Life



In this article you would be seeing some Taboos In the Igbo and Yorubaland that can cost ones life.

But before that I will like to give you a concise definition of Taboo according to English dictionary it’s refered to as a social or religious custom prohibiting or restricting a particular practice or forbidding association with a particular person, place, or thing.

Most time when one is a victim of such Taboo a negative consequences is usually the outcome.

In ancient times, rules and beliefs were adapted to keep the sanity of the land and not incur the wrath of the gods.

For the purpose of this platform we would be looking at three each from the Igbo And Yorubaland.

The Igbos are the people of an ethnic group native to southeastern Nigeria, here are some of their Taboos

Taking One’s Own Life (Suicide)

Taking one’s own life is a Taboo in Igbo land, as life is valued and taken to high esteem. It is so much frowned upon by both men and gods of the land.

The body of such victim is seen as a curse and must never be buried in the land, but in the Forbidden Forest or outside the town to prevent such evils from befalling others in the community.

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Making use of the left hand (“aka ekpe”)

The use of left hand is frown by all as it shows no sign of respect. In igboland it highly forbidden whether the person is left-handed, a left-handed individual is trained or oriented to learn the use of the right hand in eating, writing, giving and accepting things.

Committing adultery is taboo

Even the holy scripture frowns against been engaged in adultery as it a sin against God. Also in igboland elders forbid that youths engage in premarital sex. But it is much worse if a married woman engages in adultery, and both the elders of the land and the gods forbid this.the consequences that follows the act could be that the woman can become mad or lunatic for adultery, and the man must never taste the food prepared by his wife if he has reasons to believe she engaged in adultery or he might take part in punishment from the gods.

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Yoruba people of Southwest Nigeria holds a strong belief in their culture and traditions amongst which there are several cultural taboos or superstitions as the case may be, but we will be looking at three of this taboo.

Sitting on a Mortar:

 Mortars are used by the people in preparing some of their favorite dishes such as pounded yam, fufu and so on. A serious warning is then given not to sit on this mortar. This is practically used as a means of hygiene. It is therefore used as a taboo to create fear into the hearts of the people.

Committing Adultery

In the Yoruba culture adultery is seen as a very serious offense just like has it is stipulated in the holy scripture.

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As a married woman is forbided from having any form of sexual relations with a man that isn’t her husband.This taboo is more critical against women than against men, so it is highly frowned upon for a wife to cheat on her husband.

When a baby falls from it’s Mother’s back:

It a very serious offense in the Yoruba culture for a baby to fall from its mother’s back. If the baby happens to be a male he will always lose his wife at adulthood, while for female will always have a lover die ontop of her when she grows up.

Rituals are usually carried out by the mother to prevent evil from happening to the child when he or she is of age.

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