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Its Not Really A problem; Don’t Panic If You Received A Gunshot, See How You Can Save Your Life.



Well surviving a gunshot depends on your luck, because were the gun hit you matter alot, but I will show you some basic skills you have to apply to save your life, but there are some things that we consider.

1: The place where you were shot.

2: whether any of your organs, veins or arteries were damaged.

3: You physical body reaction to the wound.

How to Survive Or treat the gunshot wound:

1: If you were shot, the first thing you should consider first is to call the emergency service, tell them the location you’re currently in.

2: If there is too much bleeding in the wound, cover it with a trauma and also apply pressure on it to control the bleeding.

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3: If there is no help coming, or maybe you were shot in area where network is bad and you can’t call emergency service, you are advised to stay calm and watch the blood pressure and pulse for symptoms of shock.

4: Prevent dirty bits of skin hair or other dirt that the bullet dragged into the wound because they will cause serious trouble if you don’t remove them immediately, so you are advised to keep the face of the wound very clean in other to prevent infection.

5: Never eat or drink anything including water, if you do that, you will die, because the water will circulate the bullet chemical all over your body, so you’re advised never to drink untill the wound is healed.

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