Jacqui Swedberg – Wes Bentley’s Wife Is An Assistant Television Producer

Wes Bentley’s wife, Jacqui Swedberg, serves as assistant director and producer. She is well known for her work on the TV show Corner Gas.

American actor Wes Bentley is her husband. In 2008, Bentley and Swedberg began dating after their divorce from Jennifer Kunz.

After dating for two years, the former couple married in 2010 and they have been married for more than a decade now.

Swedberg has never been in the limelight. After marrying a well-known actress, she still lives a peaceful life.

Wes Bentley

Jacqui Swedberg is an Assistant Television Producer

Jacqui Swedberg is married to actor Wes Bentley and serves as an assistant director and producer. The TV show Corner Gas was produced by her.

From 2007 to 2009, she spent two years producing the show. The fictional village of Dog River, Saskatchewan is the focus of the entire series.

It documents the lives of nearby residents, including coffee shop owner Lacey Burrows, gas station owner Brent LeRoy and more. She also served as an assistant director for the films Sleepwalking and Pie’s Lullaby.

She then contributed to an episode of the TV show Renegadepress as a second assistant director. In addition, Jacqui trained as the film’s assistant director.

Little is known about Jacqui’s private life because she likes to avoid the spotlight.

Meet Wes Bentley’s Wife, Jacqui Swedberg

On April 5, 2010, American actor Wes Bentley (Wes Bentley) and his wife Jacqui Swedberg (Jacqui Swedberg) held a warm wedding.

The actor, who is happily married to Swedberg, has featured love scenes in R-rated movies and TV shows like American Horror Story. Later, he made it clear in an interview that it was awkward for his relationship.

His wife, Jacqui, has expertise in the entertainment industry and knows it well. Both Wes and Jacqui avoided social media to keep their private lives off the internet.

Before he met Jacqui, her spouse disclosed his drug use back in 2010. He claims he hid his drug addiction from his first wife. The former couple eventually split in 2006 for the same reason.

Wes Bentley married to wife Jacqui Swedberg  Jacqui Swedberg – Wes Bentley’s Wife Is An Assistant Television Producer Wes Bentley is married to his wife Jacqui Swedberg 247x300

Wes Bentley married to wife Jacqui Swedberg

Meet the Jacqui Swedberg Family: The Children’s Names

Jacqui Swedberg’s husband Wes Bentley and their two children make a happy family of four. The couple are parents of a son and a girl.

In late 2010, Swedberg and Bentley welcomed their son, their first child. Then, in 2014, they welcomed their youngest daughter, a beautiful baby girl.

Celebrity kids often grow up in the public eye and are exposed to the media from an early age. Both parents are struggling to keep their kids out of the spotlight, though.

Paparazzi often take pictures of the children when they are walking around the city. The actor didn’t share a lot about them online.

Some FAQs from Jacqui Swedberg

Is Wes Bentley still married?

Wes Bentley and Jacqui Swedberg have been married for over a decade.

How old is Jacqui Swedberg?

Jacqui Swedberg appears to be in her 30s, but she did not specify her exact date of birth.

Does Jacqui Swedberg have an Instagram?

Jacqui Swedberg does not have an Instagram account.

Wes Bentley Bio

Wesley Cook Bentley, American actor born September 4, 1978, best known for his role as Ricky Fitts in American Beauty (1999) for which he was nominated for a BAFTA for Best Supporting Actor, Seneca Crane in The Hunger Games (2012), Doyle in Interstellar (2014) and Eric in Mission: Impossible: Fallout. He was one of four subjects in the 2009 documentary My Big Break, which explored his fame after the film “American Beauty” and substance abuse issues. In 2010, he reinvigorated his career by starring in the world premiere of David Ives’ “Venus in Fur.” Four Feather (2002), Ghost Rider (2007), P2 (2007) and Pete’s Dragon are some of his previous film work (2016).

He made his 2014 debut as Edward Mordrake on the FX anthology American Horror Story’s Freak Show. He was nominated for a Critics’ Choice Television Award for his portrayal of Detective John Lowe in the 2015 television series Hotel. The sixth cycle of the series, dubbed Roanoke, will play Dylan (the actor who played Ambrose White in My Roanoke Nightmare) next year. Bentley made its 2018 debut in the Paramount Network original TV series Yellowstone.

born September 4, 1978 (43 years old)

Jonesboro, Arkansas, United States

educate Sylvan Hill High School
Profession actor
Active for several years 1995 to present

Jennifer Kunz



(Meter. 2001; partition. 2009)​

Jacques Swedberg


(Meter. 2010)​

children 2

early life

Bentley was the third of four children born to Cherie Baker and David Bentley. He was born in Jonesboro, Arkansas, but spent his childhood in Little Rock. Both his parents were active members of the United Methodist Church. His father was a pastor, while his mother was both a pastor and an ordained elder of the Arkansas State Conference. His ancestry can be traced back to Germany, Scotland and England.

He received his diploma in 1996 from Sylvan Hills High School in Sherwood, Arkansas.

From 1996 to 2000, he was a member of the Juilliard School Drama Group 29[8,] But just a year later, he left school to pursue an acting career.


Bentley has starred in a number of films, including the Oscar-nominated American Beauty, Four Feathers, P2 and Ghost Rider. He starred in the suspenseful film Dolan’s Cadillac, based on Stephen King’s short story, as well as in the Roland Joffe-directed film Dragon with Dragon. Bentley is one of the main themes in the documentary My Big Break, directed by Tony Zierra. The film follows Bentley and his three old roommates, Chad Lindbergh, Brad Rowe, and Greg Fawcett, in their pursuit of becoming successful Hollywood actors.

Bentley played the diabolical creature Blackheart in the 2007 film Ghost Rider.

In 2010, he starred in David Ives’ play Venus in Fur with Nina Arianda at Classic Stage in New York City. Venus in the Fur is the show’s world premiere.

Bentley played the role of game producer Seneca Crane in the critically acclaimed film “The Hunger Games” released in March 2012, in which he had a supporting role.

Bentley also starred alongside Amber Tamblyn and Vincent Piazza in the 2012 indie film Three Nights in the Desert, directed by Gabriel Cowan.

Both Bentley and Scott Speedman starred in the pilot episode of “The Open,” which Ryan Murphy had developed for HBO but was eventually canceled. The year after that, Bentley had a recurring role in season four as a guest star on Ryan Murphy’s FX series American Horror Story, titled The Freak Show. In 2015, he played Detective John Lowe in the fifth season of the hotel, which marked his promotion to the main cast of the series. He starred in the sixth season of Roanoke, which aired in 2016.

He has played Jamie Dutton on the Paramount Network’s Yellowstone since 2018.

personal life

Actress Jennifer Quanz and Bentley were married from 2001 to 2009. They separated in 2009 because of his addiction to various substances. In 2010, he tied the knot with producer Jacqui Swedberg. They have a girl born in 2014 and a son born in late 2010.

In an article published in The New York Times on February 8, 2010, he revealed the spiral of his heroin addiction, which began almost immediately after his victory with American Beauty. The couple divorced in 2006, and he went to an apartment and started taking drugs full-time. He said he hid his drug addiction from his wife. During this time, he was working everywhere, earning just enough time to pay for his expenses and buy drugs. On the set of the films P2 and Weirdsville, he started acting out of addiction, which led to his arrest in 2008, followed by court-ordered counseling and a 12-step program. However, he did go back to his old habits and “used heroin until he was broke.”

In July 2009, he admitted to a friend that he was an alcoholic and a drug addict and needed help, saying: “I am a drug addict and an alcoholic and I need help. I need help or I will die. He re-registered a 12 Step plan, and although he’s kept clean since then, he thinks he’s on the road to recovery.

He began rebuilding his career by starring in the off-Broadway premiere of David Ives’ play Venus Fur. The documentary My Big Break (2009) chronicled Bentley’s early life as an unknown actor, his sudden rise to fame after American Beauty, his subsequent emotional struggle with fame, and his admission years later that he was recovering from drug addiction and Recovery from alcohol addiction.

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