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A YouTube channel renowned for confronting laws enforcement officers all through the nation, capturing the incidents, and importing them to YouTube has repeatedly made the policemen its aim.

The particular person behind the “James Freeman” YouTube channel promotes himself as conducting first modification audits, officer watching, cop blocking, and completely different actions. He thinks Legal Shield is worthless.

About the Internet, there have been a variety of responses to one among his most well-known motion pictures on confronting legislation enforcement officers. Continue learning to review additional.

James Freeman: Who Is He? Mixed Reactions To A Police Confrontation Video On Twitter

The notorious YouTuber James Freeman claims he must reveal the truth regarding the police and the justice system. He believes that the system is in glorious working order and doesn’t should be modified.

James claims: “My evidence from the years proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that individuals who create and enforce the rules do not follow them themselves or hold other members of the ruling class responsible for following them. My goal is to convince people that their system doesn’t actually change at all since it’s ideal for the powerful, regardless of how many votes, grievances, lawsuits, or other actions are taken against it. My intention is to allow THEM to demonstrate the legitimacy of their system, not to convince you that it is.”

Freeman has beforehand centered the Bowie Police Department; on October 31, merely after midnight, he was seen filming the police station and metropolis buildings on Lindsay Street.

The digicam captures Freeman approaching the locked entrance entrance of the city office at 12:24 throughout the morning after which coming into the locked entrance door of the police division.

Although there are a number of completely different motion pictures he has made about police on his YouTube web site, this isn’t the one one.

James Freeman was he detained? raped and insulted the police officer

Police officers are captured on digicam and posted on-line by cop watcher James Freeman. Although he helps the ordinance, he’s overly ambiguous about how police can implement it.

Freeman has steadily made pleasant of and used slang in direction of legislation enforcement officers. In one among his most well-known motion pictures, he challenges a police officer.

James made the selection to avenge himself on account of he was sick of the police asking him the “same ridiculous questions.” But regrettably, it was not warmly obtained.

James converses with Detective Mike Jardene of the Camp Verde Marshall’s Office throughout the video. Jardene, who had seen Freeman filming in what seemed to be an residence superior’s automobile parking space, may very well be heard asking Freeman, “What’s this about,” throughout the footage, which will also be obtainable on his YouTube internet web page.

After then, a police officer approaches him and inquires about his whereabouts and the purpose of the recording of him and his confederate. The man radioed police using the dispatcher.

The methodology James misbehaves with police for his YouTube channel has drawn every reward and criticism from viewers of this film, which unfold swiftly all by way of the Internet.

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