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UK motoring presenter James May was reportedly rushed to hospital after crashing a car into a wall at 120km when a stunt didn’t go as planned.

May, 59, is said to have cracked a rib and needed a brain scan before he was given the all-clear.

May and Grand Tour co-hosts Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond had been filming a dangerous drag-style race for their Amazon Prime show when the accident happened. The accident is said to have happened at the decommissioned Olavsvern naval base near the city of Tromsø, as part of a new Grand Tour special.

A source told The Sun, “James smashed his head quite hard in the impact, and was bloodied by it.

“He was complaining about pain in his back and neck.

“He broke at least one rib and was quite shaken by it.

“He had to abandon filming and Jeremy and Richard had to leave him in hospital and carry on with the trip.”

In 2006 Richard Hammond’s jet-powered car crash while filming Top Gear.

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