Janakpuri & Vikaspuri Accident Video Goes Viral On YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook

WATCH: Janakpuri & Vikaspuri Accident Video Goes Viral On YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook: Recently, news has been seen that a lady who was driving fast, she kills one young man. This incident happened on Thursday evening at Vikas Puri Flyover. Everybody was shocked when they hear this news. The lady who was the victim during this accident said, I’m sorry. Another man who was standing right to next her says in anger, You killed someone and you are saying sorry. That’s not enough. You deserve punishment and you definitely go to jail. People like you don’t deserve to live with us. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Janakpuri & Vikaspuri Accident Video

On Thursday night, two men were allegedly drunk and they are battling for their lives after their Honda City car crashed into a Ford Endeavour parked on an elevated road in West Delhi’s Janakpuri and fell on the pavement more than 40 feet below on Thursday night as per police. Those two men were good friends. Their name was Anuj Singh and Vijay. Both are 29 year old and lives in Delhi Karala and Begumpur. Anuj has his own business where he runs an electrical shop.

Janakpuri & Vikaspuri Accident Explained

They were returning to their homes from Najafgarh and both were fully drunken. And reach the halfway they met with an accident. They crashed into a Ford Endeavour car. Both were traveling in a Honda City. He tried to control his car but the ford was on speed. And unfortunately, the car fell from the pull and they lost their lives. The ford driver was safe because the airbags were opened and wears the seatbelts. Cops have taken this case very seriously and arrested the ford driver. They are interrogating the driver and taking him into their custody.

It was sad that the youngsters lost their life. Cops have to look at these cases. As it was increasing day by day. Rash driving is not a new thing. It will happen at any point in time. In past, many accidents have happened. But in that, there was no one killed. They got some injuries. But nowadays, those who met with the accident he/lost their lives. It was unbelievable that people’s health is going decreasing day by day especially youngsters. As they eat fast food which doesn’t give them the required amount of calories for their body. Our sincere condolences are always with him. And cops take strict action against the ford driver.

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