Jason Kenney Twitter Video Struggling To Pump His Own Gas Viral

Watch: Jason Kenney Twitter Video Struggling To Pump His Own Gas Viral

Several videos go viral on social media every day. Sometimes, it features common people while sometimes, celebrities. One such video has started doing rounds on social media, Twitter precisely. The video that has gone viral includes Jason Kenney. The political figure garnered the attention of the people ever since a clip featuring him struggling to use a gas pump surfaced online. The video has amassed millions of views in a short course of time. Have you not watched the clip yet and are curious about it? Check the article below to get complete details.

A video has surfaced online that shows Kenney struggling to use a gas pump at a campaign-style photo-op. The clip has been watched around one million times on social media in only one day. Kenney is seen clumsily fumbling with a gas nozzle as he attempts but frequently fails to pump gas into his blue Dodge Ram, which recently formed a $30 million energy war room to wage combat against children’s cartoons and other perceived enemies of Alberta’s oil business.

Jason Kenney Struggling To Pump His Own Gas Video

As per reports, Premier Jason Kenney’s botched attempt to pump some petrol to make a point about his government’s gas-tax decrease exemplifies why it’s always a good idea to notify your audience before trying something new. Ever since the video surfaced on Twitter and other platforms, it has become the subject of discussion among many. People are coming up with hilarious comments and are enjoying the video. Besides, some users are turning the situation into a meme that is getting a lot of attention too.

As mentioned, the video got millions of views in just one day. To put that figure into context, Alberta has a population of a little over four million people. The video has been viewed by twice as many people as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s rationale for invoking the Emergencies Act in February. Well, Kenney couldn’t have gotten the footage at a worse moment. Kenney’s popularity has dropped below 30% in polls ahead of the UCP leadership review, which starts on April 9. It is certainly the wrong time for the clip to go viral on social media. Jason Kenney had wished to get popularity but not this way. Follow for more updates.

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