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Jason Oppenheim To Feature New Relationship On ‘Selling Sunset’


Jason Oppenheim fell in love and was more than happy to show it!

While the 45-year-old has enjoyed a successful career as a real estate agent, lawyer and reality TV personality, his new love life has been off-screen following his split with Chrishell Stause.

That won’t be the case anymore, however, as Oppenheim’s relationship with his new boo Marie-Lou Nurk will be featured in his upcoming Netflix hit “Selling Sunset.”

Jason Oppenheim and Marie-Lou Nurk set to hit the screen on ‘Selling Sunset’


When Oppenheim met Nurk on Mykonos this summer, he knew he wanted to spend quality time with her. So, the decision to show their love life in Selling Sunset was a no-brainer for him. when talking to people During the Power Broker Awards in Los Angeles on Tuesday, the luxury real estate broker revealed:

“We’ve done it a few times, and it’s okay to shoot again. [and] I believe we will.she [Nurk] Will be coming here for a few more months at the end of the year. So, you know, maybe we’ll make a movie. “

Oppenheim said they “get along very well” and that his relationship with Nurk was “very easy”. “So, yes, I think people will see that relationship as well,” he added.

The newlyweds are looking envious as they spend their romantic holiday in Paris. Nurk and Oppenheim couldn’t stop themselves from making a fiery love display during their time in the City of Love.

explode Point out that Oppenheim provided fans with vacation details via Instagram The dump was released over the weekend. Updates include views of the UC alumnus and his boo having dinner with friends, as well as selfies of them rocking black turtlenecks.

Posts by Jason Oppenheim on his Instagram page  Jason Oppenheim To Feature New Relationship On ‘Selling Sunset’ Jason Oppenheim 1
Instagram | Jason Oppenheim

What caught attention, however, was a video of the pair posing topless in a building in an undisclosed location. His 25-year-old girlfriend sat between his legs as the influencer sat in a steel chair with her legs spread. The couple wore just a pair of brown sweatpants and white sneakers with a matching outfit.

The founder of the Oppenheim Group put his hand on his girlfriend’s side to hide her breasts from people’s glare. The clip begins with the pair looking affectionately into each other’s eyes, then closes the gap between them as the photographer clicks away. The sweet reel was set as Post Malone’s “Congratulations” sound.

Real estate development star Nurk appeared on the red carpet

Oppenheim and Nurk formalized their relationship on the red carpet in August when they appeared at the premiere of Netflix’s vampire comedy Day Shift. Photos from the event show the former O’Melveny & Myers employee wearing a blue suit with a T-shirt and sneakers, The Blast noted.

Jason Oppenheim and Mary-Lou Nurk  Jason Oppenheim To Feature New Relationship On ‘Selling Sunset’ 307405036 830204514659919 795589718559247334 n
Instagram | Jason Oppenheim

Oppenheim couldn’t stop laughing, wrapping his arms around the girl in the colorful ruffled dress. Their appearance at the event is the first time the brokerage service provider has hinted at his relationship on “Sell Sunset.” In his words:

“Well, the new season of ‘For Sale OC’ is coming out in about two weeks, and we watched it last week. Really good. Finally got a chance to watch it.”

He then hinted at the possibility of Nurk appearing on a small scale on the hit reality series. Oppenheim also revealed his desire for a pregnant Heather Ray Young to return to the show.

While he was a bit vague about the exact details of the upcoming season, he did reveal that there will be a new cast, including Bree Teas, the mother of Nick Cannon’s eighth child.

Oppenheim explained, “So, two new women, Bray and Nicole. Nicole has been one of my closest friends for over a decade, so I couldn’t be happier. She was almost there; now we have finally found her. ” He admits that even as he started getting to know Bray, he had high hopes that she would make a great real estate agent.


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