Jefferson County Police Shot And Killed Ayobiyi Cook


Ayobiyi Cook, 29, was killed in Forestdale on Saturday. Birmingham Police reported that she was shot and that gunshot wounds were the cause of her death.

A woman was recently shot dead while her children were at home. The wife of a police officer was eventually identified as the woman.

The victims’ children were not injured, but their mother died from gunshot wounds. Although the police arrived immediately, it was too late.

Ayobiyi Cook’s obituary: Has the suspect been arrested?

Ayobiyi Abeni Cook of Forestdale was shot during an alleged attack on her own property, according to the Jefferson County Coroner’s Office. A suspect has been identified. The 911 call was made before he was seen running.

Many of Cook’s friends paid tribute to her on her Facebook page. Many, including her, have spoken of their difficult experiences.

When a 911 caller in the Forestdale community called for help at a home on Fremont Avenue, Jefferson County representatives arrived. Cook was pronounced dead at the time.

According to Deputy Commissioner David Agee, Ayobiy’s residence has not been invaded. Before calling 911, a man was seen leaving the home, according to some authorities. Sheriff’s detectives are swiftly investigating after finding evidence at the scene.

Chief Deputy Coroner Bill Yates said a homicide in the death was being investigated.

Husband of Birmingham police officer Ayobiyi Cook; the couple have two children

Cook’s husband has been a Birmingham police officer since 2019. He was at work when his wife was killed. Cook has two sons and is a mother. They were there at the time, but they were not injured.

Deputy Police Commissioner David Agee noted that there appeared to be no forced entry of any kind. More details will be provided later today, he said.

On Facebook, registered nurse Cook received a flood of condolences. According to friends, she was “a beacon in this world” and she cherished her family.

Ayobiyi Abeni Cook is a registered nurse, 29 years old.

Ayobiyi Abeni Cook, a trained nurse, was shot and killed in his home at the age of 29, according to authorities.

She is a registered nurse by profession in Birmingham, Alabama.

A registered nurse is a person who has a degree from an accredited nursing program and is licensed to assist doctors during procedures and exams, as well as write prescriptions.

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