Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroid photos Goes Viral on Twitter and Reddit


Jeffrey Dahmer’s Polaroid photos Goes Viral on Twitter and Reddit – Who arrested Jeffrey Dahmer? Before a handful of Polaroid images were found by authorities, JEFFREY Dahmer’s horrifying murders went unreported for over a decade.

The terrifying souvenirs that Dahmer took were a key piece of information in catching the murderer.

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Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroid photos

For years, Jeffrey Dahmer was able to commit his heinous atrocities without drawing attention from the law.

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, between 1978 and 1991, Dahmer beheaded and dismembered 17 boys and men.

He frequently used the promise of a beverage or the opportunity to shoot some pictures to entice his victims back to his house, where he would then unleash his sick reign of terror.

Officers visited Dahmer’s residence on July 22, 1991, but it wasn’t until one of his victims, Tracy Edwards, managed to flee that they found the proof they would need to make an arrest.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s Polaroid photos Viral on Twitter & Reddit

Officers entered his home and started searching when they came across a bedside table drawer.

There were around 80 horrifying Polaroid images of his victims’ severed bodies within.

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According to reports, police discovered pictures of the victims’ severed heads as well as Dahmer engaged in necrophilia with some of the bodies.

According to a 1994 article published in The American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology, Dahmer took photos and participated in these activities because “he wanted to keep them as souvenirs to keep him company.”

Officers’ inquiries also turned up drawings of a proposal to build an altar in his residence.

Dahmer later admitted, under questioning, that he had forced his victims to pose for photos on a black table that he intended to use as part of his altar.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s real polaroid Photos Of His Victims Goes Viral on Twitter, Reddit, and Youtube

Who arrested Jeffrey Dahmer?

The day of his arrest was July 22, 1991.

Tracy Edwards flagged down two police officers, Rolf Mueller and Robert Rauth, who were on patrol in downtown Milwaukee, leading to his arrest.

The Polaroids were found on the bedside table when both officers went to question Dahmer in his flat.

Mueller realised the Polaroids he was holding had been taken in the same apartment where they were standing after making the grisly discovery.

Mueller pointed to his companion and declared, “These are for real.”

Dahmer was swiftly found and taken into custody.

The following year, he was found guilty, and he was given 16 consecutive life sentences in jail.

However, in 1994, in Wisconsin’s Columbia Correctional Institution, Dahmer met his own horrific death while serving his term at the hands of a fellow prisoner named Christopher Scarver.

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