Jennifer Aniston Pioneered Red-Carpet Messy Beach Waves at the 2002 Emmys

Jennifer Aniston has always been a trendsetter – who No When Rachel Green put on a plaid miniskirt, immediately ran out and bought a plaid miniskirt friends? But her influence is strongest in the realm of hairstyles.

It’s hard to gauge Rachel’s cultural impact. Every season, new twists on classic ’90s styles make waves on the internet, including butterfly hairstyles – a trend of the moment.In fact, her style is so iconic that #RachelGreen has more than 1 billion views on TikTok, an app known for its Gen Z user base, which has gone viral over the past two years. more than ten years friends Premiere. Rachel is forever.

That said, Rachel’s popularity has often overshadowed Jennifer Aniston’s important contribution to chaotic beach wave culture, which is something I can no longer allow. Because back in 2002, when Aniston was in the running for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series at the Emmys, a deliberately messed up look wasn’t considered red-carpet friendly.In fact, the new millennium has pushed ExceedStyle and colorful look. Aniston’s contemporaries wore straight hair, over-the-top blowouts and black blondes.but that didn’t stop friends The star that went from rocking waves to Emmys that year, looked great in the process and won an Emmy for her performance as Rachel Greene.

Steve Granitz

While the rest of Aniston’s attendees showed more “finished” styles on the red carpet (mostly stylish blowouts and updos, TBH), friends The star opted for the effortlessly gorgeous miniature, wearing the look that most resembled air-dried beach waves.

Steve Granitz

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