Jennifer Lopez Affleck Did Sexy Corporate Core at the 2002 VMAs—See Pics

The year is 2002. We’re post-9/11, but most of what we remember about the 2000s (the oc., MySpace, etc.). Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are an A-list couple who have yet to get engaged for the first time. Perhaps because she doesn’t need to match her ensemble to the pink diamond rock he’ll be showing her soon, Jenny From The Block wears…

Theo Wargo

remind-Allie McBeal Just ended, the show that people thought dressed like a lawyer became popular.In addition, 2002 may be The most unfashionable year everRemember, kids, Y2K isn’t just about low-rise jeans or letting your aquamarine bra straps stick out from under your white tank top. We also added frills and frills to every damn thing.

shoe? eternal. skirt? sexy! coat? Literally just rip off the frills and you have a really good Victorian blazer. As for the curls – they should be pinned back to the old Hollywood look, worn with silk gowns and worn to the Oscars, darling!

The makeup is lovely and the tote bag is lovely.

Standing behind Lopez is future President Donald Trump, his performance apprentice Won’t premiere for another two years, so I’m not entirely sure why he’s at the MTV Awards, but that’s what Hollywood is. When I first saw these photos, I was really distracted by Lopez’s outfit and didn’t even notice him.

Sylvain Gabriel

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