Jennifer Lopez Affleck Wore a Sheer White Dress With Unexpected Shoes in New Bennifer Pics

Jennifer Lopez Affleck and her husband Ben Affleck kept up the bridal vibe as they stepped out in California.

On September 4, the singer and actor were spotted holding hands on a family outing for the Malibu Chili Cooking Competition.Lopez Affleck Pairs Flowy Sheer White Maxi Dress With Unexpected Red adidas x Gucci slippers. Her hair was clawed up and she adorned the look with a gold hoop, a gold necklace, and a Christian Dior handbag. Affleck, meanwhile, wore a crisp blue button-up shirt with a pair of khakis, cream sneakers and a pair of aviator sunglasses.

Suffice it to say: Lopez Affleck’s white dress and red loafers pair perfectly with the red Coke can she’s holding in her hand, giving it an extremely earthy feel. I hope you get the Coca-Cola money, Benedict! We already knew Affleck was an equal opportunity soda drinker.

OK, but how much did Coca-Cola pay J.Lo for this walking ad?


Aside from the convenient color scheme, what makes the Adidas x Gucci loafers “unexpected” is that Lopez Affleck is usually a big fan of heels unless she’s wearing athleisure, in which case she and others Same as wearing sneakers.not to mention their $620 price tag.

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