Jerry Ceppos Has Passed Away At The Age Of 75:Obituary

American author, educator, and news executive Jerry Ceppos died yesterday at the age of 75. According to his wife, sepsis was the cause of his death.

In addition to being a journalist, Jerry is also a professor. Ceppos, as dean of LSU’s Manship School of Mass Communication, created a news service to fill the void created by the decline in major news sources, hiring student reporters to cover state government and conduct investigative projects.

He suggested they study the homicides that the Ku Klux Klan committed but never solved during the civil rights era. In addition, 90 news organizations in Louisiana and Mississippi published articles written by Manship students, claims Christopher Drew, director of the service and former New York Times investigative reporter.

At Northwood High School, a self-described “geek” student, Cyprus published the school newspaper, Red and Black. In 1969, he edited Rattlesnake at the University of Maryland, earning a degree in journalism.

Obituary: What Happened to Jerry Ceppos? cause of death

Journalist Jerry Ceppos dies at 75. His obituary listed sepsis from a serious infection as the cause of death.

A potentially dangerous reaction associated with infection is sepsis. It happens when your immune system doesn’t respond well to an infection, injuring your own tissues and organs in the process. Sepsis cannot be passed or transmitted from one person to another.

Ceppos will be buried at a private family funeral in Miami. Later in the day, a public memorial service will be held in his name.

We ask friends to donate to Manship School or another charity of their choice.

Jerry Cypos wife Karen Cypos

Jerry Cypress’s wife is Karen Cypress. Jerry began a long career with Knight Newspapers and later Knight Ridder, moving south in 1972 to work as an editor for the Miami Herald.

Thanks to Herald colleague Marcie Ersoff, Ceppos met her sister Karen.

Matthew and Robin, their two children, were born in 1982 after their marriage. The editor-in-chief announced his death and gave the cause of death.

Marcie is shocked by the death of her devoted husband. 40 years of unions appear to have broken down. Marcie asked his close friends and family to attend his funeral so he could say goodbye to them.

Jerry Ceppos Net Worth 2022: How Rich Was He Before He Died?

Before his death, Jerry Cepos was quite wealthy. As he has edited numerous magazines throughout his career, his net worth is estimated to be between $2 and $5 million.

Ceppos oversaw the Mercury News for more than 50 years, when Silicon Valley in California was a hive of inventions, including the creation of digital media, that would eventually lead to the demise of the old newspaper industry.

During his tenure as editor and later lecturer, he advocated for a focus on new technologies and their impact on society. He rose through the ranks of Knight Ridder, which previously owned 26 dailies, including The Mercury News, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Miami Herald, The Charlotte Observer, The Kansas City Star, and The Detroit Free Press.

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