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On the final Joanna Lumley’s Great Cities of the World, Joanna visits Berlin including the Festival of Lights, an all-female motorcycle club, a famous photographer who documented life in Soviet-controlled East Berlin and finally Holocaust survivor, Frau Friedlande.

Joanna’s Berlin adventure begins at The Festival of Lights, an annual event where Berlin’s most famous landmarks are transformed each night using the clever art of luministic projections. Waking up the next day, Joanna sets off to see Berlin’s infamous sites by day. And what better way to see these landmarks than with The Curves – Berlin’s all-female motorcycle club.

Joanna heads West to the district of Spandau where she meets Jack Hunter, the mayor from Old Texas Town, a replica of a western town which Jack has built by hand. After getting a glimpse into one of Berlins more unusual scenes, Joanna trades in the cowboy hat for some far more glamourous hats belonging to Frau Hat – the hat lady of Berlin.

Joanna explores Frau Hat’s collection of headwear that truly encapsulates Berlin’s free-spirited rebellious nature. Turning her attention to Berlin’s renowned nightlife, Joanna visits popular queer club SchwuZ, where she meets some voguing pros and takes to the catwalk herself.

She then takes a walk around the city with the rebel photographer Harald Hauswald who documented life in Soviet-controlled East Berlin and the fall of the Berlin wall. Joanna meets with Holocaust survivor, Frau Freedlander, to hear her story and then visits the chefs of The Open Kitchen. The Open Kitchen is a thriving group of locals, refugees and even professional chefs who all cook together to break down social and cultural barriers using food.

7:40pm Sunday on ABC.

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