John Boyega and ‘Breaking’ Director Remember Michael K. Williams


John Boyega will never forget the first time he met his “Breaking” co-star Michael K. Williams.

“He’s lively,” Boyega told type at the film’s Los Angeles premiere on Wednesday. “The first time I saw him, he accidentally walked into my trailer. It was important that we talked, we cheered each other up, we encouraged each other. We’ve been working since then. It’s been great. “

“Breaking” was Williams’ last film before he died of a drug overdose about a year ago at the age of 54.

Kareem Anderson, who was raised by Williams and considers him his father, also appeared at the premiere. Boyega and Anderson hugged for a moment, chatted quietly, and resumed the screening.

Karim Anderson and John Boyega attend the “Breaking” premiere in West Hollywood on August 24.

Eric Charbonneau

“Breaking” tells the true story of Marine Corps veteran Brian Brown-Easley, who says he was abused by the Department of Veterans Affairs by holding several bank employees hostage. Williams plays the hostage negotiator. The film also stars Nicole Behari, Celanese Leyva and Connie Britton.

“He was royalty on our set,” director Abida Maris Corbyn said of Williams. “He’s the godfather. He’s the king. When I first met him with Beats, he showed up [headphones] Because he has already started preparing for the role. “

Earlier this week, Beharie burst into tears as she talked about Williams at the premiere of her new comedy “Horn for Jesus.” save your soul. “

“He was one of the most generous people I’ve ever worked with. When we were on the phone together, he came in and helped me with things offscreen,” she said. “Such a professional who came in to help me with things off-screen during his breaks. When he was mentioned, I was thrilled.”

Beharie added: “He lights up the screen in everything he does. On set, he’s beautiful. He smells like heaven. One day he walks in with a cape. It’s like silk. Every day It’s all like a party. Just, don’t waste a day.”

“Breaking” premieres in theaters on August 26.

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