John Malkovich’s A Winter’s Journey Launches Trioscope Platform

Trioscope, the company behind The Liberator (Netflix) and George RR Martin’s “Night of Kurt,” has launched its patented Trioscope platform to license its know-how to third-party content creators.

London-based production company Oiffy (“The White King,” Venice titled “The Last Worker”) and Poland-based BreakThru Films (Oscar-winning “Peter and the Wolf,” “Vincent in Love”) are the first producers. A sequence platform from a Trioscope-licensed company director Alex Helfrecht’s upcoming love story “A Winter’s Journey,” based on Franz Schubert’s song loop. Film stars John Malkovich, Jason Isaacs, Martina Gedeck, and Ólafur Darri Ólafsson have been acquired by Sony Pictures Classics in key regions, with MK2 Films handling international sales. Trioscope Europe will provide CG and VFX services for the film.

The platform provides a set of practical production tools and software that combines human performance with a computer-generated (CG) environment and will provide filmmakers the opportunity to produce stylized final images with a wide range of imaginative looks, including graphic novels, and painting images and more. It also enables creators to take advantage of more cost-effective and faster production operations relative to traditional high-end live-action production with a lot of CG.Greg Mandel

Greg Mandel, a seasoned media and technology executive, will serve on the Trioscope Advisory Board, advising on the platform’s business strategy, operations and expansion. Mandel was previously COO of Mikros Animation, Technicolor’s global animation division, the creative force behind Paw Patrol: The Movie and SpongeBob SquarePants: Sponge on the Run.

LC Crowley, CEO of Trioscope, said: “Our revolutionary technology has sparked the boundless imagination, defining our brand and the vision behind ‘Liberator’, as well as our current projects ‘Coot Night’ and ‘Take Over’ “Our new platform is designed to put our tools and processes into the hands of content creators around the world, bringing their stories to life.”

Producer and Oiffy co-founder Jörg Tittel added: “Our highly complex sequences are designed to fully immerse viewers in early 19th-century Romantic paintings and Schubert’s timeless music. The technical challenges were enormous, especially since On a standalone budget. Our partnership with Trioscope and its tools will allow our artists to spend more time giving each frame the care and attention it deserves.”

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