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Two young women, a Danish and a Norwegian, were killed by Islamist terrorists while camping outdoors in Morocco at the height of their lives. Norwegian and Danish women were killed in their tents by ISIS members at a popular camping and hiking spot in Morocco. In connection with the incident, 3 people were detained by the police in Marrakech. Footage of the execution was released by ISIS after the bodies of the two tourists were found by the police.

Moroccan authorities considered the killings acts of terrorism, according to a source cited by a Norwegian newspaper. According to the source, all four suspects admitted to being ISIS supporters. Maren and Danish tourist Louisa were on a one-month vacation visiting the town of Imlil, located at the foot of Mount Toubkal, Africa’s highest peak. On Monday morning, French marchers found the body of one of the victims inside the tent and the other outside. One of the men had been decapitated, and the other had a severe sore throat.

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