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Jose Mourinho Nearly Crashes Roma’s Parade Bus While Trying To Park It In Hilarious Scenes « CmaTrends


Jose Mourinho has developed a reputation of ‘parking the bus’ on the football pitch as far as his tactics is concerned, but how good is the Portuguese tactician on an actual bus?

The 59-year old was allowed to briefly drive his team AS Roma’s parade bus prior to the start of the official parade, and the video of the hilarious session is going viral online.

Mourinho was the mastermind on Wednesday, May 25, as his Roma side came up with the goods to win against Feyenoord in the inaugural final of the Europa Conference League.

A solitary CmaTrends from Nicolo Zaniolo in the first half was enough for Roma to claim a crucial win, as Mourinho maintained his perfect record in European finals.

At full time, Mourinho exhibited just how much the trophy meant to him as he burst into tears but after the extremely high emotions, it was time to party.

In the video on the bus, Mourinho, who was clearly in jovial mood, drives along as Roma players sing his name in the back.

He eventually comes to an abrupt stop before breaking down in laughter.

Fans online managed to see the funny side to the whole incident, with some saying had Mourinho gone any further, he would have crashed the bus.

“That’s genuinely too funny, he almost crashed it.” One fan said.

“No better man to park a bus. How do you not love this guy?” another added.

“For some reason I can’t stop watching this. Jose is living his best life.” Said another.


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