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Joshua Fleetwood Arrest Charged in Woman’s Murder after Fight Over Bowling Ball, #Joshua #Fleetwood #Arrest #Charged #Womans #Murder #Fight #Bowling #Ball Welcome to O L A S M E D IA TV BLOG, This is what we have for you today:

Joshua Fleetwood is getting colossal attention for the crime he committed lately. The infamous personality retains himself on the Internet for his misdeeds. Well, most lately, Fleetwood was detained by law enforcement after alleging him of a second-degree murder case for the killing of a woman. According to the latest updates, the notorious personality has been apprehended by the fugitive crew led by US Marshal on 31st March 2022 for a murder case. Joshua Fleetwood was accused of shooting the mother of another rapper named Young Thug’s son Lakevia Jackson. Ger more information on Joshua Fleetwood’s Arrest Cause.

Joshua Fleetwood  Joshua Fleetwood Arrest Charged In Woman’s Murder After Fight Over Bowling Ball « CmaTrends Joshua Fleetwood Arrest Charged in Womans Murder after Fight Over

According to the latest reports, the police department also found his connection with narcotics based criminalities. Along with that, he is also accused of jail trespassing, deception, and fooling police. The police released a statement briefing the arrest of the accused. It is being informed that the officers found Fleetwood was the prime suspect on 17th March 2022. Later, he has apprehended by the Atlanta police division and proceeded for a court hearing where he served imprisonment at Fulton County Jail. The case is becoming one of the prominent topics across the city.

Joshua has been alleged of a murder case, illegal possession of a lethal weapon. As far as the complete matter is concerned, the victim of the case Lakevia Jackson was enjoying one of her friend’s birthday at a bowling alley when she was involved in a brawl against Joshua, the spat went too far and the accused shoot her in outrage. The mishap occurred at Metro Fun Center on Metropolitan Parkway in southwest Atlanta. In addition to this, Joshua shot Jackson in the parking zone of the mall area. A police complaint had been filed on the same day and police began their investigation of the case.

The investigation team suspected Joshua of the killing and later arrested him. Joshua waited for her for 20 minutes in the parking and shot her when she arrived in the parking area. The information has been disclosed by Tori Cooper who took Twitter to explain the entire dispute.

Joshua who is 25 years of his age so far has been booked by the Atlanta Police Division at  Fulton County jail. The accused LaKevia Jackson is a popular rapper who was also a mother of a teenager rapper named Young Thug. We will get back to you with more information and all the latest updates stay tuned with Social Telecast.


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