Joy Chibuyes trending viral video leaked twitter and reddit – whats happened?

Will Smith is known to be a great guy who has been in many movies and is known for his Hollywood movies. One of the most popular and successful films he has come across in Hollywood is called The Pursuit of Happiness. Everyone knows what he did in the movie and how good he was in the movie.

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What happened to Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith?

Through this film he learned about the market and many big companies sponsored him. He began to gain a good reputation and respect in the eyes of the public and his own family. Such a great guy. Recently, news broke online that his son Jaden Smith had passed away. Such rumours are circulating online. This news is true or false. Let’s find out in this article.

Today, the Internet has become a new world. In this world, you can create a new personality or destroy an old one, especially famous people. Among them, the rumored case of the death of Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith has surfaced. His father officially confirmed this, but it wasn’t. experienced.

Is Smith’s son dead?

Many users on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter took the claim very seriously and were concerned about the young star. Comments flooded like a nuke saying may his soul rest in peace, my best wishes and prayers are always with you. I am very sorry to hear this news. All my prayers and best wishes come from the bottom of my heart. Such comments circulate on the Internet.

People are innocent, they don’t know where the information comes from, or they should verify that the information is true. Many users misunderstood his death message. Whoever spreads this rumor will definitely go to jail. The real news is that he is alive, he is not dead.

Is Jaden Smith dead or alive?

He currently lives with his father and spends quality time with his loved ones sitting on the sunny beach. On his official Instagram account, he answers random people’s questions about what he likes to do, and he recently posted a photo of him that got a lot of likes and a lot of comments. We’ll tell you again. Jaden Smith is alive, he is not dead. We’ll be sure to let you know if there’s any news.

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