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In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Sherlyn rushes outside of the hotel and steps into the car. Prithvi asks her what has happened. She asks him to just drive fast and says that the person knows everything about them. Prithvi gets stunned as he sees Sherlyn panicking. Prithvi asks Sherlyn to calm down. Here, Janki has watched the pair. She plans to call them to check what are they up to. On another side, Preeta takes off the fake mustache. Janki calls Preeta and asks her if everything went well.

Preeta tells Janki that she has asked Sherlyn to bring 20 crores. She adds that she is sure that she will not be able to bring that much amount of money and because of that she will confess everything. Preeta further says that she will record her statement and the entire truth will get revealed. Here, Karan talks to Rakhi about Preeta’s changed behavior. He says that Preeta is not reacting much to his tactics and he wants the old Preeta Luthra back. He says that Preeta does not even fight with him anymore.

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However, Rakhi refuses to believe Karan’s sayings. She says that he is just overthinking. Later, Rakhi asks Karan to talk to Sameer once as he knows her better and will definitely tell him if something is wrong with her. In the next scene, Dadi and Karina are laughing with Natasha. Rakhi comes and asks them why are they laughing. Natasha tells her that they just recalled how they were trapped in the police station and also when they thought he would marry her. Preeta enters too and asks what is she saying. Karan uses the opportunity to announce that he will be getting engaged to Natasha the next day.

Here, Prithvi and Sherlyn enter the room. The latter is happy to know that no one saw them. Prithvi asks them if she has any kind of proof that the blackmailer knows the truth about them. She mentions that she is really nervous when they put on the CD which plays the same recording. Sherlyn asks Prithvi not to take the blackmailer lightly as they might get in trouble because of them. Here, Preeta decides not to let Karan and Natasha’s engagement happen. Let us see what will happen in the upcoming episode. Stay tuned with us for more Kundali Bhagya written updates. Follow our site, Social Telecast.

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