Karungi Monic Death Video, Mona Kizz Jumps Off Skyscraper In Dubai Clip Become Sensation All Over!

A video of a woman jumping from a tower is gaining people’s attention. The video is of a Ugandan woman who was 24-year-old. The incident occurred all of a sudden when the woman was hanging from the window and then jumped right off the tower, and died. The woman had several social media platforms, which she handled all on her own. When the news came up, people claimed that she was going through depression and mental disorders. Monic Karungi was only 24 when she died, jumping from a high tower. People who followed her on her social media accounts said that she was going through some mental pressure which can be seen in the picture that she posted on her social media handles. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Karungi Monic Death Video

Monic had her social media pages under the name, Mona kizz. Social media posts and news pages were keen and confused as the girl who jumped was Monic herself or someone else. But keeping her pictures of her as evidence it is clear that it was her. The Netizens came up with some more explanations. According to people on the internet, Monic was going through rough stages in her life. She was continuously sharing pictures of herself rather been unhappy. People are saying that she had pain in her eyes, which can be seen in the photos she shared.

Mona Kizz Skyscraper Dubai Video

Netizens were sharing RIP Monic and showing their condolences. According to some people she was sharing pictures of herself in a towel and also she shared her nudes on public social media platforms. People are depicting what she might have been going through to encounter that stage of life that she had to share her nudes. Netizens also said that she was depressed deep down. The real reasons why she jumped off the tower are still unknown, but keeping in view the recent events on her social media,

He was having some kind of problem in her life. People said that she shared some pictures where she was in agony and sadness. Her pictures and video, also most importantly the nudes she shared with her enough to prove that she was not happy. Though there is no information yet, a lot of things are questionable, the way she jumped from such height with a loud thud, her presence on social media, her questionable posts, etc. there is a lot of information yet to be out on the media. When the information will be out, it will be updated soon.

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