Keke Palmer Responds to Zendaya Comparisons Amid Colorism Commentary

Keke Palmer is not letting anyone downplay her success.

On July 23, a social media user’s tweet went viral, alleging that the “mainstream popularity” between the Nope actress and Zendaya was “one of the clearest examples of how colorism plays out in Hollywood.” The tweet came after another Twitter user called the Jordan Peele-directed sci-fi film Keke’s “breakout” role, although the 28-year-old has been acting since she was a child. 

Fans began debating if colorism did play in role in Keke and Zendaya’s careers. One person tweeted what they believed to be Keke and Zendaya’s net worths, adding, “Keke has been a mainstream success since her career began. She should be one of the HIGHEST paid entertainers in the game. So yes it’s colorism.”

Another fan, however, said that both actresses shouldn’t be compared. “I dont know why y’all are obsessed with comparing people,” the social media user wrote. “They both worked their asses off to get to where they are. Yes Keke deserves more but s–t wasn’t just handed to Zendaya either. Comparing their careers downplays Keke’s success and downplays Zendaya’s talent.”

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