Killing eve villanelle, Killing Eve series finale: Did Eve or Villanelle died?

The Killing Eve series finale is now officially coming and going on AMC+, and it’s fair to say it’s got everything we asked for. It also keeps us down for quite some time.

Of course, we should continue to pay attention to the massive spoilers in the series finale, so take off now, unless you can find out what happened.

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So, without further ado, let’s lift the bandages: Villanelle is dead. She was killed in a series of romantic moments between her and Eve not long after she wiped out most of the Twelve Apostles. It became clear for a while that these two would eventually go in this direction, and they finally did it! Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before Eve’s entire world fell apart. While Jodie Comer’s role is gone, a large part of Sandra Oh is still with her. This isn’t the pilot’s Eva; we’re not even sure what kind of Eve will be left now.

As if losing Villanelle wasn’t devastating enough for you, the series finale brings another big surprise: Caroline appears to be behind it all. After Villanelle was shot, her “Jolly Good” on the phone was a pretty clear sign that she ordered the hit, and probably had a lead of twelve. After all, we know she’s been there since the beginning, and this latest kill could be her way of starting the whole organization over again.

Overall, how do you feel about the events of the Killing Eve series finale?

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