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WATCH: KITTY LIXO Onlyfans Leaked Photos and Video Went Viral on Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram An OnlyFans star claimed she had $ex with a number of Meta workers to be able to get her Instagram reactivated, revealing the shady ‘evaluation’ course of for accounts which might be shutdown. Follow more update on CmaTrends

Who Is Kitty Lixo?

Podcaster and OnlyFans creator, often called Kitty Lixo, explains her Instagram account – which is filled with lingerie and bikinis shots however no full nudity – was taken down ‘three or 4 occasions’ for ‘sexual solicitation’ as a result of she had shared her OnlyFans link.

So she started ‘sleeping’ with a good friend of hers that occurred to work at Instagram again. ‘And he did (get her account reactivated), which was very nice of him,’ Lixo stated on the No Jumper podcast. 

Kitty Lixo OnlyFans Leaked Video and Photos 

Her good friend, who she didn’t identify, gave her the breakdown of the evaluation process, which incorporates Instagram’s integrity staff, who oversees banned accounts. 

She joked that the one solution to reverse an Instagram ban is to search out an employee that ‘actually, actually likes you.’ 

‘He mainly advised me that the integrity division [oversees] opinions,’ she stated on the podcast. ‘To be able to get it again, in the event that they deny you the primary time, mainly what an individual has to do is hold trying, maintaining placing in opinions. 

Kitty Lixo OnlyFans Leaked on Twitter

‘Each time [employees] put in one other evaluation, it goes to a special particular person, so so long as somebody retains attempting for you in that division, you’ll ultimately get your account again,’ Lixo stated. 

She told DailyMail.com on Thursday she ‘did not hook up with anybody within the integrity division or any choice-maker in my case.’

‘I hooked up with a number of individuals in varied departments, who opened a number of evaluation instances for me, which led to the eventual unbanning of my account,’ she advised DailyMail.com on Thursday. She stated she used ‘nepotism’ to get her account again and did not consider the corporate was aware of it. 

Kitty Lixo OnlyFans Leaked Video Reddit

‘[I] obtained near the individuals I knew I wanted to get shut to,’ she advised DailyMail.com. ‘I feel individuals use one another on a regular basis in day-to-day life. I mainly obtained near IG workers and used nepotism in my favor.’ 

Lixo admitted the method wasn’t straightforward as she needed to undergo her man good friend’s Instagram web page and match all of the Meta workers to their LinkedIn page to find who was who within the integrity division. 

‘I went on LinkedIn and searched up all of his Instagram connections, after which I searched up those within the integrity division, after which I messaged them on LinkedIn to get my account again, however clearly they get so many emails a day,’ she stated. 

Kitty Lixo: Wikipedia and Biography

After the LinkedIn messages didn’t get her account reinstated, Lixo made her subsequent transfer on Instagram, sending DMs from her ‘backup, however nonetheless slutty account’ to Meta workers to ‘meet up.’ 

‘I managed to search out a number of – not from that department, however nonetheless folks that worked at Instagram in LA. So I discovered a pair to fulfill up with…and we met up and I f**ked a few them and I used to be able to account again like two or thrice,’ she revealed. 

She additionally revealed that considered one of her hookups advised her Instagram has an algorithm that routinely shuts down flagged accounts, she advised the Daily Dot in an Instagram message. Afterward, the account can be despatched to an employee for evaluation. 

‘If that particular person doesn’t like your face, or doesn’t care, or is just too lazy to essentially evaluation your case they will simply shut it and stick to their choice,’ she advised the Day by day Dot. 

Lixo additionally revealed her account was flagged the primary time for ‘sexual solicitation,’ which she believes is a result of her OnlyFans account being accessible on her Linktree – a single link that can take the person to an inventory of different hyperlinks the person desires available to their followers. 

She stated her good friend ‘put in an inner evaluation’ as a result of there ‘was no solicitation on the web page.’ 


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