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One of the most trending hashtag for kopen zonder kijken on Twitter is #kopenzonderkijken. Explore the Hashtag.

What is Kopen Zonder Kijken on Twitter?

Kopen Zonder Kijken on Twitter is a trending hashtag of popular dutch show used by thousands of people. To participate in Kopen Zonder Kijken trend of Twitter, simply use #kopenzonderkijken in your Tweet.

Some of the popular Tweets of Kopen Zonder Kijken on Twitter?

About Kopen Zonder Kijken Show

Kopen Zonder Kijken is a Dutch television program that has been broadcast on RTL 4 since 25 February 2019. The presentation of the program is in the hands of Martijn Krabbé. The program is produced by Krabbé’s own production company Wise Monkeys.

In the program, couples outsource the search and purchase of their new home. The participants give Martijn Krabbé and his team, real estate agent and appraiser Alex van Keulen, interior stylist Roos Reedijk and construction expert Bob Sikkes permission to search for, buy and renovate a house for them. The participants only see the house for the first time after the purchase agreement has been signed

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