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American media personality Kourtney Kardashian has revealed that a doctor told her to drink her husband, Travis Baker’s semen four times a week.

Kardashian revealed this during one of the episodes of Hulu’s “The Kardashians.” She told her ‘Ayurvedic cleanse’ expert, Martha Soffer that their fertility doctor had instructed her to drink Barker’s semen. She further revealed that she was having pain in her shoulder and discussed her thyroid levels. She said,

“I can’t remember what he said, if it was low or high. But he said something — he told us to, well he told me that the thing that would help [my thyroid] was drinking his c-m like 4 times a week.”

However, the couple didn’t follow this advice and instead chose the Ayurvedic cleanse. Kardashian stated, “Our last egg retrieval was not successful. So, our new thing that we’re going to be trying is a Panchakarma cleanse, which is Ayurvedic. It’s like 3,000 years old.”

Barker and Kardashian have been sharing their fertility journey throughout the season. The duo got married recently in Italy.

Earlier, they had a court wedding at the downtown courthouse on Anacapa. Previously they had a ceremony in Vegas but it was not legal as they never got a marriage license.

Kardashian and Barker got engaged during a beachfront proposal in October 2021 after dating for about nine months.

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