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WATCH: Kuda Bank Viral Video Customer Being Manhandled At Its Office By The Police: Nowadays people are talking about the Kuda Microfinance Bank not for its services but for manhandling one of its customers. Moreover, a video of the incident is also making rounds on special media platforms. Reportedly, people on a large scale have watched that video in which a man is being maltreated by the bank officers on bank premises. Meanwhile, people are eager to learn what was the bone of contention and who is the man in the video. There are several questions that are popping up on the internet regarding this matter. In the below-placed sections, you will learn every imperative aspect linked with this news. So you are advised to go down the page and read all the sections of this article. Follow More Update On CmaTrends.com

Kuda Bank Viral Video

According to the reports, the identity of the man has not been shared by the bank as of yet. However, Kuda Microfinance Bank has addressed the matter and given a reason why its customer is being mistreated as shown in the video. As mentioned a video is circling on the internet, as per the source that video was shared by the victim’s brother who lamented the inhuman and rough handling of his brother. Moreover, the customer’s brother also said bank law enforcement officers went as far as releasing tear gas on his brother’s face. To counter the allegations bank gave a reply through Twitter. Continue reading this article to get more.

Kuda Bank Video Viral On Twitter and Reddit

Bank defended the rough handling behavior of its officers by saying that the Central Bank of Nigeria has licensed the financial institution that they are obligated to meet sufficient standards of all applicable law enforcement agencies. But the bank did not mention the identity of the customer. Further, the bank added that there was no bank’s fault as it was the customer’s failure to corporate with bank officers due to which officers had to mishandle him.

Bank also claimed that the bank came to know about the incident due to circling videos of the incident. Those videos show a man being forcefully escorted off bank premises by Nigerian Police Force officers. Bank also tried to deny all the allegations levied on it by absolving itself of any allegation. Meanwhile, the customer is yet to be identified. We will replace you with the updated information as soon as something is released on the internet. Stay tuned to this page for more updates.

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