Kundali Bhagya Written Update Today’s Episode 10th May 2022 Preeta Meets With An Accident

In today’s episode of Kundali Bhagya, the manager apologizes to Preeta as he can not go with her to court. Preeta asks him not to apologize as it is really okay. She thanked the manager. The latter looks behind Preeta and says that he has seen this man in the CCTV footage too. The manager thinks that what has he been doing here. Preeta looks back at Prithvi too and says that she knows what he wants to do here. Preeta runs away but Prithvi threatens to hit the manager and goes behind her.

On another side, the prosecutor shows the picture of Karan being detained with a bag full of money in the court. However, Karan continuously refuses to accept that the bag belonged to him. Sameer informs that he had dropped Karan to the stadium and had given him the car keys. The judge asks Sameer not to disturb the hearing and asks him to sit down. The lawyer keeps accusing Karan of taking bribes but Karan sticks to his words and says that he is not involved in it in any way. Later, the lawyer shows the photo of Sandesh.

Karan recognizes him after seeing the photo. The lawyer taunts Karan for finally recognizing someone. Karan says that it is not a crime to accept chocolates or flowers from someone. The lawyer says that he will prove Karan wrong in no time. Here, Prithvi runs out yelling at the car and says that Preeta ran away from him. Soon, he notices the car still being parked and understands that Preeta is here only. Preeta is shown hiding behind the bushes. She thinks that she has been trapped here and thinks of ways to escape and reach the court.

Preeta notices that Prithvi is nowhere to be seen and thinks that he has gone. However, Prithvi is only taking a shortcut to reach her. Preeta drives as fast as she can. After covering some distance, Prithvi’s car stops Preeta’s car. He says that she did not do good by going against him. Prithvi hits Preeta’s car causing an accident. Here, Karan shouts for Preeta but the officers bring him back to the witness box. The judge warns Karan to behave. Karan keeps saying that he did not take any money but the case seems to be going against him. Follow our site for more updates on Kundali Bhagya.

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