Kylie Jenner Says TikTok Is Her “Favorite Place” After Instagram Slam

Rise and shine: Kylie Jenner is officially in her TikToker era. 

The Kylie Cosmetics founder showed off her nighttime beauty routine in a TikTok and used it as an opportunity to throw some not-so-subtle shade at Instagram, just a few days after she shared a meme slamming the platform. “I just finished my shoot, I was taking off my makeup and then I decided to film a three-minute TikTok,” Kylie said in her July 28 post. “Because TikTok is my favorite place to be.”

The Kardashians star doesn’t make any further comment about the social media platform, and instead gives fans a mini tutorial of the makeup products she uses before bed, all of which are from her own brand, of course!

But before Kylie films her routine—which includes features the Kylie Cosmetics makeup remover wipes and Makeup Melting Cleanser—the reality star video’s gets an unexpected cameo from a pesky fly, who she quickly names ‘Fredrick’.

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