Labour MP Gaurav Sharma will attend caucus meeting to learn fate

The capital braces for another protest, with rogue MP Gaurav Sharma facing trial and more funding for flood-torn parts of the country, in the latest headline in the New Zealand Herald.Video/New Zealand Herald

Under-fire Labour MP Gaurav Sharma is due to attend today’s meeting, where a vote will be held on whether to expel him from the caucus.

The Hamilton West MP faces dismissal after accusations were made against senior party figures including the prime minister.

Sharma told NewstalkZB’s Mike Hosking that he will be attending today’s session in person or via Zoom.

Sharma said when senior lawmakers told him the full plan after their first meeting last week, it was hard to believe the outcome would not be predetermined.

“I gave all the facts, other MPs said they were being bullied, and I gave screenshots.

“Why not give Kieran McAnulty a chance to clean up or I’ll have a chance to clean up.

“I was invited to the meeting and initially I was not allowed to attend, but yesterday I was told I would be asked to partially consider options.”

Sharma said he was concerned that even with all the evidence other MPs were being bullied, there was no independent investigation.

“For the last week or two, they have followed my example, ‘If you are against the party or its leadership, you have no chance because your image will be ruined.

“The person I shared the screenshots replied to me saying they were still with me and the other told me they were worried about being discovered.”

Sharma said his focus remained on completing the investigation and would consider his options if he were fired.

“I’m clearly a left-leaning and progressive person; I don’t have to agree with a political party. If my constituents raise their concerns with me, I’ll raise them too.

“A lot of times I open up to voters’ concerns rather than stick to one ideology.”

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