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Ladies!Take note-Things to avoid when seeing your period.



Menstruation is the monthly shedding of the uterine linning in a woman that lasts up to 3-5 days.

Whenever you are on your period,there are certain things that you don’t feel like doing because of how your body feels.

In as much as that,there are also certain things that you don’t have to do not because of how your body feels or how great they are but because they could affect your health or also make you feel worse.

That time of the month is really hard for ladies,so why make it harder on you?

Everybody’s body is different, some people may be more sensitive to these things than the others.

Here are the things you should avoid doing if you want to feel more eased during your period and avoid discomfort.

1.Avoid smoking cigarettes.

We all know that smoking is very bad but in addition to it’s health risks,it can also make your period much worse,so to avoid that, abstain from smoking during your period.

2.Avoid eating salty foods.

In as much as you would be craving to eat some foods and snacks,salty foods can actually make your period symptoms feel worse.Salty foods contribute to bloat/water retention and can also worsen cramps.

3. Avoid wearing a pad for more than Five hours.

It’s okay to be hooked up with a lot of work and activities but don’t let those activities leave you wearing the same pad all day. You should be changing your pad every 4-5 hours to avoid unpleasant smell and bacterial build up in your body which can lead to infections.

4. Avoid having unprotected sex during your period.

Having unprotected sex is bad talk more of when you are seeing your period.Bloood is a medium for viruses and other bugs therefore transmission of HIV can be higher during this period.

For women with irregular ovulation and bleeding can occur at the same time, meaning you can get pregnant if unprotected.

5. Avoid skipping your workouts/exercises.

During your period, rather than staying indoors or lying down,you can do some exercises and workouts as it can help to make you feel better by alleviating anxiety, headaches and fatigue.

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