Laga Savea dead and obituary, Whats happened? Music Producer cause of death?

One thing about @lagasaveamusic you’ll never skip any of his songs. Musical genius and a great man. Manuia Lou Malaga Brother

As you may have noticed, I personally have a natural passion for island music. I’ve always appreciated…as a guitarist, a blues guy at heart, it wasn’t until my wife and I went to Hawaii that I really started appreciating the kind of islands and reggae that I grew up listening to music. Listen…really respect and love music as much as I do now (island music and 50s rock was all I heard after my trip abroad!). Recently, I discovered some great talents since May Hawaii: Kiwini Vaitai, Laga Savea, Kabani, Te Vaka, and more. I had some free time the other day browsing iTunes for some sweeter island music. How are my search results? I found this guy: K’Nova.

I am very impressed with K’Nova. The sincerity of his voice and the roughness of his voice are second to none. It almost sounds like an island version of Lil’ Wayne without the golden teef, and the sound is more than melodic. If Lil’ Wayne was Polynesian and… could actually sing like a pro, this is what Lil’ Wayne would sound like. Another impressive thing about this album is that it was self-produced by George Veikoso (renamed Fiji) and Laga Savea. It’s a beautiful debut album that will leave you wanting more.

What fascinates me about this music? It reminds me of the peace of mind, trees, sky, water, perfect humidity, sunshine and aloha that Hawaii brings to me.

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