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Laura Muir Mother Alison And Dad Crawford Today


Muir also won the Diamond League race at London’s Olympic Park with a time of 3:57.49ms, a British record in the 1500m.

She has also broken Scottish and European indoor records for various track lengths. Her second place in the initial 1500-meter semifinals at the ongoing World Athletes Championships Oregon 22 got her talking now.

Although Muir’s record-breaking achievements are the result of her diligence and hard work, part of the credit for her success is also due to the encouragement and support of her family.

Although Muir’s achievements are world-renowned, little is known about her family history. So let’s learn more about her family in this article.

Laura Muir

Laura Muir’s Parents and Family: What Drives Her Success

Runner Laura Muir was born on May 9, 1993, to parents Alison Muir and Crawford Muir. Her family has more children than her. Rory, who is two years younger than her, is her brother.

Laura was raised by her parents in Minnesota, the local government area of ​​Perth, and Kinross, where she was born. They insisted on giving Laura the education she needed. To finish her high school, they sent her to Kinross High School. She then went to the University of Glasgow to complete her studies, concentrating on veterinary medicine, graduating in 2018.

In addition to Laura’s academic work as a veterinarian, her parents also supported her athletic endeavors. Sports was one of Laura’s early interests, as her parents supported her and her brother in extracurricular activities. But things have gone well since then. She even won the honor of an Olympic silver medalist.

Where are Laura Muir’s mother Alison and father Crawford today?

Little is known about the current whereabouts of Laura Muir’s parents, Crawford and Alison. However, they have already participated in a 2021 YouTube interview with “Scottish Athlete”. They discuss Laura’s accomplishments and feelings when she won a silver medal at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

The Muirs said in interviews that they were very happy with their daughter’s excellent grades. Her mother said in an interview: “We watched the full game, and as the game went on, we all squeezed to the edge of our seats and I think we were just in tears at that point, but it was great.

Laura’s father said it was strange that Laura’s father was not there when her daughter was having the most success. In addition, Laura’s parents revealed that during her college days, she sought professional advice on track and field competition, clarifying her passion for athletics and taking it to a professional level.

Laura’s parents haven’t appeared on many other platforms since that interview. However, they continue to encourage their daughter’s enthusiasm and delight in her achievements, no matter where they are.

Is Laura Muir married? Relationship Facts for Runners

We can’t say for sure if the runner is married because her love life is overshadowed by the sheets. Also, there is no reliable information about her boyfriend or husband online.

Her previous romances, if any, are also unknown because she never talked about them. The 29-year-old athlete could be dealing with anything in her personal life, but we won’t find out unless she’s open about it.


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