Laurie Michael Tagaloa leaked video Goes Viral On Twitter and Reddit, humandilemma twitter – lt stabbing video >

WATCH: Laurie Michael Tagaloa leaked video Goes Viral On Twitter and Reddit, humandilemma Twitter – lt stabbing video Lauie Tagaloa was fatally stabbed on July 11 at the Valley Metro food court near the Fortitude Valley train station. At the scene, a violent argument between two groups of guys led to the 24-year-old victim’s murder.

Laurie Michael Tagaloa leaked video

Later, surveillance video from the scene proved that the argument escalated into a brawl, during which Tagaloa was cut. According to reports, the two groups of guys argued and yelled insults at one another until one of them brandished a knife and threatened to harm the other group of men.

At roughly 4:00 am, the event happened next to the food court of the Brisbane shopping center. Lauie Michael Tagaloa was killed there, and three of the fight’s participants apparently ran away. Later, these persons were detained in relation to the manslaughter.

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Laurie Michael Tagaloa video Viral on Twitter

The two groups of men could be seen shouting at one another in the CCTV footage that recently went viral online. One of the groups reportedly sought to diffuse the situation and leave, according to the video.

Later on, two men start fighting, and the video shows Lauie Tagaloa being stabbed and then falling backward. The intense bleeding from the knife cut around his neck caused him to fall to the ground. A witness at the scene gave the 24-year-old father first aid to rescue him as blood accumulated on the ground after Tagaloa hit it. However, the paramedics’ efforts were in vain since Tagaloa died before they could revive him. At the scene, he was identified as deceased.

Laurie Michael Tagaloa Video Reddit

Since the event, a 20-year-old native of Birkdale has been detained on suspicion of killing Lauie Tagaloa. Two additional males involved in the event are apparently helping with the murder probe, according to the Daily Mail UK. As of July 11, these two people have not been charged with anything in connection with their involvement. The main suspect, meantime, was taken before the Brisbane Magistrates Court on July 12 to learn the results of the accusations made against him.

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