LEAK: Mery Liviero Video Viral & Leaked On Twitter & Reddit, Who is Mery Liviero? Real Name & Instagram!


LEAK: Mery Liviero Video Viral & Leaked On Twitter & Reddit, Who is Mery Liviero? Real Name & Instagram! Who is Mery Liviero and Mery Liviero Video is the hot topic trending on social media platforms. People are eager to get the Mery Liviero Video to know what is the video all about and why is the video trending. Get to know more details about the Mery Liviero Leaked Video. Follow more updates on Newsminatii.in

Mery Liviero Leaked Video

Mery Liviero, a MasterChef contestant and model for OnlyF, has requested a police investigation after her photos were leaked from the platform and circulated online. The 26-year-old is said to have joined OnlyF to supplement her income in order to create a cooking studio and launch her own YouTube channel.

Liviero, who advanced to the sixth round of MasterChef Italy, was taken aback when she discovered that some of the sexual photographs she shared in private OnlyF chats were being broadcast publicly on Facebook and WhatsApp. The model contacted the cops and demanded that the leak be investigated. “When you cross the line, I’m not joking. Image theft is being discussed, and it is a major criminal infraction “According to Corriere Della Sera, the wannabe chef’s real identity is Maria Grazia Liviero.

Who is Mery Liviero?

“A follower on Instagram informed me that my photographs had been used to construct a new Telegram channel. I’ll reiterate what I usually say: if you steal and publish my private information, I’ll track you down and report you “Liviero continued. She revealed that she had filed a charge alleging “illegal dissemination of sexually explicit photos or movies” in violation of Italian criminal code article 612.

“Any exposure of materials and content outside this portal will be sued in court,” the model continued. “The material supplied and published on my profile is not to be shared or sold, especially those in a private and individualised form.” Liviero works as the manager of a Ravioli store in Rome and lives with her partner, dog, and cat, according to the Daily Star. In addition to being a Masterchef contestant, she has worked as a personal trainer.

Mery Liviero: Real Name & Instagram

Liviero, who has over 22k Instagram followers, also remarked, “The person who is guilty will receive a vexing phone call, and they deserve it. If I were these folks, I would rush to the forum right now and remove the content on my own, knowing that legal action will still be done. Thank you to everyone else, especially those that respect others and are assisting me in reporting these jerks.”


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On the social networking platform, she posts pictures of herself, her life, and her meals. Liviero contacted Polizia Postale e delle Comunicazioni, a special police agency that specialises in crimes involving Italy’s communication networks, according to the Daily Star. “If content creators’ photographs and films are duplicated and misused, OnlyF has a specialised DMCA team that can help recover pirated content,” the page continues.

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