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“The days of saying you must have a piece of content, or you must have a sport, are over” says Seven boss.

Seven boss James Warburton is downplaying the importance of ‘tent pole’ programming, telling The Australian Financial Review the network was less concerned about having the top show in a particular slot than giving advertisers options to target particular audiences.

Whether this means Seven is giving up on Total People to win Demographics is less clear.

It could also suggest more shorter runs in commissions, which The Voice has already demonstrated. The days of endless MKR and House Rules are thankfully behind us, although Big Brother was still an 8 week season.

It comes ahead of the outcome of future AFL rights, which Seven and Foxtel are tipped to retain.

“It’s economics over ego,” Warburton said. “The days of saying you must have a piece of content, or you must have a sport, or however you want to describe it, [they’re over].”

Seven West Media has always backed a “bricks in the wall” approach to programming, which is less explicit of late but still a visual message to advertisers.

MKR recently launched to 503,000 metro viewers but that grew to 974,000 in Total TV numbers.

The most recent Total TV episode is also at 974,000 which puts it ahead of The Masked Singer (727,000) but trailing The Block (1.77m).

Last week it was Seven’s best performer behind Seven News.

“We brought it back, the soul and heart being around food. It’s cooking in peoples’ houses, it’s not bitchy dinner parties … we took it back to the purity of food,” said Warburton.

“It’s growing in every measure.”

Yesterday Seven announced a new balloon design show for 2023, Blow Up to target family viewers.

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