L&HH Singer Moniece Slaughter Pregnant With A Baby Daughter

She had a supporting role in the seventh season of Love & Hip Hop: New York. She also appeared in Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta (Season 8).

In “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood,” she made her TV debut as Fitz’s estranged baby mom and ex-fiancee, and she’s trying to shake her reputation as a “rigid mom.”

Moniece Slaughter Pregnant With Daughter – When Was The Baby Born?

Moniece Slaughter, the “Love & Hip Hop” star, is expecting a baby. She announced the news on her most recent IG Livestream on January 6, 2022.

She effortlessly informs her followers about recent events in her life. According to the reality star, this time of her life has been both the hardest and the happiest.

Mini I is Slaughter’s name for her unborn child. However, she has not disclosed her baby’s due date.

She already has an 11-year-old son named Cameron due to her relationship with singer Fitz.

During an Instagram Live, Moniece was outspoken about her pregnancy-related health issues.

“I’ve been under incredible pressure and my baby is smaller than I should be walking,” she explained. “My baby is smaller than she should be,” she said.

Slaughter went on to say that having a baby was my greatest blessing and her greatest fear. She wanted to call her Dior.

Who is Moniece Slaughter’s new baby dad? Tips and Inspirations

Moniece Slaughter is single and already has a child. Therefore, many of her fans are curious about her pregnancy.

Slaughter stressed that her ex Fitz was not the father of her new child, but she did not say who the father was.

She appeared bisexual in the “Love & Hip Hop” Season 3 reunion, and her partner AD joined the cast in Season 4.

This season also covers her battle with AD’s friend Tiffany, who will start dating Fizz in season five, and their relationship issues.

All I could do was finish the semester, he said, “Dior was unexpected, but I had to choose to love her nonetheless.”

About a year ago, Shaquille O’Neal, whom Monis had made serious allegations against, later became friends. According to her, Shaq’s actions “encouraged self-harm.”

In June 2020, she finally found a man who met all her requirements and uploaded several photos of him to Instagram.

After initially denying meeting Shemar Moore, she later shared a video of herself working out with her new love on Instagram. No one knew him because they had never seen him.

What happened to Moniece’s Slaughter Child’s father? News of his death explained

Moniece Slaughter spoke in her remarks about her relationship with her child’s father and how they are no longer together.

There are many rumors online that Slaughter is mourning the death of his daughter’s father. However, the reason for his death and anything else related to him has not been made public.

According to her, the connection is antithetical. Moniece asserts that Dior is going out into the world, whether or not her ex wants her to be alone.

Moniece has endometriosis and four problematic ovarian cysts, one of which has ruptured. Slaughter was unable to take her high blood pressure and depression medication because of her pregnancy.

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