Liam Payne Accent Youtube Video Viral On Instagram, Reddit, And Twitter

Liam Payne Accent Youtube Video

WATCH: Liam Payne Accent Youtube Video Viral On Instagram, Reddit, And Twitter: Ex-One Direction star Liam Payne has confused admirers after adopting a new accent while giving an interview at last night’s Oscars. Payne was asked by “Good Morning Britain” in order to share his thoughts on the moment Will Smith took to the stage at the time of the ceremony to hit Chris Rock, who made a joke about his spouse Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair loss as a consequence of alopecia. The singer started, talking with a noticeably different twang “Will Smith actually used to live behind my home, I have had the pleasure of knowing his son and his daughter very well. We did “Men In Black III” with him.” Follow More Update On

Liam Payne Accent Youtube Video

He further continued that “I believe whatever he felt that he did, he had the right to do. I also felt there were 3 losers in one fight. He did not know, being Chris Rock, he did not want to do what he had to do, being Will Smith and she did nothing, being Jada.” Later, Payne described that he “had to leave my chair” after witnessing the incident discover. It cut me really deep. And I do not get deep about these things, but I am a big movie admirer, I will be honest with you.”

After the appearance, multiple “GMB” watchers took to social media to comment on his new accent of Payne, with some stating that he “sounds Dutch”. The singer is from Wolverhampton but is presently living in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Liam Payne Accent Youtube Video Viral On Twitter

One more Twitter user stated that he sounded like a “gushing LA wellness influencer”, while someone else penned: “Will Smith assaulted a man on live tv and the accent of Liam Payne is still the worst thing to occur at the Oscars.” Others explained the newfound twang as “bizarre” and “fake”. Elsewhere, a watcher stated: “There is a conspiracy theory going around that Liam Payne has consumed all the other One Direction lads, and as a consequence, his accent is now from everywhere in the British Isles.”

The Oscars of this year have happened at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, having been postponed from its original date in the month of February due to COVID-related issues. Big winners included “CODA” and “Dune”, with the latter movie being awarded the Best Picture statue. One attendee stated that “the entire place was stunned” by Will Smith hitting Chris Rock.

A stunning Rock informed the audience afterward that “Will Smith just smacked the shit out of me”. Later, Smith won Best Actor for his role as Richard Williams in King Richard, (the movie got 6 nominations total).

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