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Amy Schumer and Michael Cera are entering the next chapter of their love story. “Life & Beth” has been renewed for a second season on Hulu, Schumer announced on Wednesday.

Schumer made the announcement during an interview on “The Howard Stern Show.” In addition to starring as the title character, Schumer created and executive produces the show, and directed and wrote several episodes of the first season.

The first season of the show followed Beth, a successful wine distributer living in Manhattan, who moves back to her childhood home on Long Island following the unexpected death of her mother (Laura Benanti). While there, she reunites with old friends, reconsiders her childhood and sparks an unexpected connection with a local farmer, John (Cera). The first season ended with Beth entering a relationship with John, quitting her job and taking the first steps to rebuilding her relationship with her sister Ann (Susannah Flood).

The first season of “Life & Beth” received generally positive reviews from critics. In her review of the show, Variety chief TV critic Caroline Framke wrote, “It takes until this sixth episode for some of the show’s puzzle pieces to find each other, but when they do, they make up a picture that’s more subtly moving than initially meets the eye.”

Aside from Schumer, Cera, Flood and Benanti, Season 1 of “Life & Beth” also stars Kevin Kane, Yamaneika Saunders, Laura Benanti, Larry Owens, Michael Rapaport, LaVar Walker and Violet Young as the teenage version of Beth. Whether certain cast members such as Benanti and Young, who appear exclusively in flashbacks, will return for the second season has yet to be announced. Over the course of the first season, the show also had multiple guest actors, including Jonathan Groff, Hank Azaria, John Early and David Byrne.

In addition to Schumer, Kevin Kane, Daniel Powell and Ryan McFaul executive produce “Life & Beth.” The show is produced by Endeavor Content.

Hulu released all 10 episodes of “Life & Beth” Season 1 on March 18. The release date for the second season has yet to be announced.

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