Liquor store targeted for the eighth time, owner waiting on bollards approval


The Ōrākei Fine Wines & Spirits liquor store was targeted by thieves overnight.Photo/Hayden Woodward

Police are investigating more burglaries in Auckland overnight, including one in a shop that has been raided eight times by attackers.

Police were called to the Ōrākei Fine Wines & Spirits liquor store on Coates Avenue just before 4am after reports of a car being used in a raid-style theft.

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The car, a Nissan Tilda, was left at the scene and later towed away.

The owner came to the scene, devastated; told the Herald it was the eighth attack on his shop.

“This happened to me eight times. Eight times — eight times,” he repeated.

“The store next door has been hit three times in the past four months.

“I applied for bollards and got nothing. I’m not asking for money. I just want permission for bollards.”

He said he hoped the media coverage would shed light on what was happening to people like him.

Five other stores in one store block in Howick were also targeted overnight – this time in a burglary-style burglary.

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