Lisa Curry, Mother Of Jaimi Kenny Revealed What Exactly Happened To Her Daughter, Check Out Video!

We all know there is a lot of news getting into the trending section of social media and the internet. So here for more news going on about the very famous  Lisa curry. it is said that in an interview she share her achievement and the losses she had in her life. She gets into tears while sharing her incidents. She tries to describe her every moment of life- and the difference between playing defeating and trying next time harder to get your win is very difficult. She also tells about her daughter Jaimi. Her fans and followers get very sad after hearing her story. Many individuals are now serving on the Internet to get more information about her and the incident which happened with her daughter. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Lisa Curry, Mother Of Jaimi Kenny Revealed Cause Of Death

We are here to help you and give you every possible detail about  Lisa curry, so stay tuned to Our article page and get every possible update on her personal and professional life. According to information Lisa Kari stated that” in current time I am 60 years old and it seems the right time to share the story of my life. If the falls and gains of my life. we all know she is a three-time Olympian. She said that I am sharing my story because I want to encourage others not to take the same step which I and my daughter take in a family and a relationship. We want to stop others from experiencing the same thing which we experienced in our relationship. In the year 1986 married to grant Kenny who is 58 years old.

Who Was Jaimi Kenny?

They live a very happy married life. the couple also had three children named Morgan, Jaimi(daughter), and a son Jett. Their son is now  28 years old, there both the daughters are now almost 30 years old. Lisa is a supermom she cared for the children with her best. She easily handles the marriage life and her professional life. she continues swimming and wins various medals and trophies. Initially, e Lisa and grant live a very happy life with all of their children.

Jaimi Kenny: Wikipedia & Biography

But according to the internal sources, it is said that their relationship is not good as it seems because both the couple get split up in the year 2009. This separation affects their daughter Jaimi, whose daughter also fighting an eating disorder disease. She starts taking alcohol at a very high level. But she is not strong enough to better from it for very long and on the date, 14 September 2020 Jaime leaves her mother Lisa, and get passed away. this moment is very difficult for her. Lisa stated that” she get broked after losing her daughter. 

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