Lock Upp Today’s Full Episode Update 4th April 2022: Who Gets Nominated?

Lock Upp Today

Hello, all the entertainment enthusiasts, finally your favorite web reality show “Lock Upp” is set to unleash another amazing episode through “4th April 2022” that will definitely make you feel over the top. Because after the unexpected eviction the show is going to hold the nomination’s special episode through which, a few prisoners will come into the list of those who are in the danger zone and the eviction sword is hanging on their neck. So below you could get the essential details you need to know along with the update of recent nominations.

The recent episode begins, where the prisoners get an order from the side of the jailor to play the task under which, they will decide who will be saved and who all are going to take a step into the nomination. But including this, the voting method will also count by the jailor on the basis of which, the new nominated list will be prepared. But the entire attention has been grabbed by those activities which have taken place through the prior one. As the admirers of the show became the witness to the most unexpected eviction, which had not even amused through anyone else.

Lock Upp Today’s Full Episode Written Update

The exclusive promos have been dropped by the makers officially through which you could get the comprehensive details about those activities which are going to occur through the coming one. Because for a very long the episode was remaining the hit potato among everyone as the makers have promised to make it more unpredictable than anything for the admirers, and somewhere they are living up to the commitment they have made. Therefore, as soon as the show is going ahead while unleashing the episodes, it is becoming more entertaining because seldom a day passes without showing unexpected activities.

In the previous episode as the viewers have streamed, Kangna overturned the entire game as she left everything on the contestants to save the other one from the eliminations. But for this, they will have to share their one secret which they thought to never be revealed at any cost. It was a bit shocking for them, but as Kangna has announced so, therefore, they could not even take a single chance as the show matters a lot to them. Therefore, the contestants start revealing their secrets in front of everyone but midst all these, Nisha Rawal has lost already two chances and therefore, maybe the consequences will be opposite to her in the future.

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