Logan Aldridge Wakeboarding Accident Leads To Death Of CrossFit Athlete

CrossFit competitor and Peloton coach Logan Aldridge recently discussed his childhood waterskiing accident and how he overcame the injury.

Aldridge admits it happened when he was a young man, but he overcame the pain and in doing so helped him become the person he is today.

What happened to the wakeboard accident involving Logan Aldridge?

When Logan Aldridge was just 13 years old, he was involved in a water skiing accident that resulted in the loss of his dominant left arm. Despite his injury, he has developed into a top CrossFit athlete and even a trainer who inspires peloton riders.

On June 26, 2004, when Logan was a young boy, his father lost his left arm in an accident on the dock of his father’s friend in Gaston Lake. Aldridge claimed he was trying to untangle the tow ropes secured to the boat.

Unfortunately, the end of the rope caught on his left arm, causing him to accidentally take the boat’s propeller to his dominant arm, cutting it off.

CrossFit Athlete Injury Information

On June 26, 2004, on Lake Gaston, North Carolina, Logan Aldridge had an accident when he chose to untie his towline from his boat.

Logan was shocked to find the rope wrapped around the boat and the other end around his left arm. The rope was yanked by his hand over the ship’s propeller, pulled with it.

He moved on with his life and started working on his dreams, despite being inspired by another woman who did what he could despite losing her arm in a tiger shark attack.

Logan can now proudly introduce himself as a Crossfit athlete who is not behind anyone and whose hand count has nothing to do with his performance.

How old was Logan Aldridge?

After overcoming injuries at age 13, Logan Aldridge is now 31 and living the life of an adaptive athlete.

The wakeboard incident that left an athlete without his left arm happened 18 years ago.

At the 2006 Water Ski Amputee O&P Limb Games, he became one of the second youngest competitors and finished second without giving up hope.

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