Lungyin Lim’s Malice Tydal Prods Aview Images, Lonely Production


In a deal to turn a local project into an international production, Taiwan’s Tydal Productions has struck a co-production deal with Czech Republic’s Lonely Productions to produce the potentially compelling high seas thriller “Malicious” directed by Lungyin Lim .

Malicious is set at Lungyin Lim’s Tydal Productions and Aview Images in Taiwan and produced by SheeHeng Kuek and Ivy Shen Yu-hua of Aview Images.

Filming is scheduled to begin in December 2023 and will now be co-produced by Lonely Production in Prague, founded by producer and director Michal Sikora.

Lonely Production will oversee post-production in the Czech Republic and Europe. Lim prefers to shoot in Super 16mm with digital VFX, bringing European expertise to the traditional cinematic pipeline. This will expand the creative possibilities and production quality of the film, Kuek said.

Kuek has been moving “malicious” in Locarno Pro’s Match Me! It’s one of the top headlines at web events. He says type Partners are now seeking co-productions with France, Germany, Estonia, or Indonesia.

Four years before Operation Malice, an accident chasing a giant swordfish killed Captain Fu’s eldest son. About to retire and about to give up his boat Victory as younger son Ree intends to change the family business, a foreign boy Nguyen finds Fu, who tells him the fish is still out.

Fu, Ree and Ruan – a harpoon specialist with killer instincts haunted by childhood memories of war refugees – embark on an obsessive journey of catching and killing giant swordfish. Their obsession means their doom. Only one will come back.

“Today, we value peaceful civic lifestyles and strive to be our ideal selves, but what if there was an alternative where we could face and live with our innate killer instincts and live without prejudice?” Lungyin Lim asked in a director’s statement.

“Malicious tells the story of three men who embark on a journey in search of a giant long-vanished swordfish, depicting the bloodthirsty and darker side of human nature on a dangerous sea,” Cook said. “For me, this is the most fascinating part of Malice, and it’s what drove me to embark on a journey with directors Lin Longyin, Ivy Shen, and Michal Sikora.”

Produced short films such as “Ping” (2013) and “O” (2015), screenwriter and director Lin Longyin broke out with “Ao Hong Village” in 2019,

Set against the backdrop of an oyster farm in the most remote part of southern Taiwan, again shot with a Super 16mm lens. It won the Ciputti Award at the 2019 Turin Film Festival.

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