Lydia From Timcast IRL Sourpatchlyds Prisoner Comments Backlash On Twitter

Smith, who uses the Twitter account @sourpatchlyds, is known for sharing his comments on various current events.

She is the host of the “Tim cast IRL” podcast on Amazon Music. The show welcomes viewers to the studio for conversations on a range of topics including politics, culture, sports, business, and more.

Who is Lydia from Tim cast IRL?Wikipedia Facts

Lydia Smith, founder of Tim cast IRL, is a well-known American writer, actress, and director.

During her career, she has undertaken many fascinating undertakings. Timcast IRL, Freedom Toons, Pop Culture Crisis and Cast Castle are some of her most famous and popular works.

Smith started her career in 2020 as a hit, writer, and producer on Timcast IRL, and she quickly reached Cloud Nine. Since the pilot, she has raised several serious themes in the show’s 237 episodes.

On the other hand, her second-most-popular show, Pop Culture Crisis, is slowly gaining audiences as their favorite pop culture show. The YouTube channel/show focuses on industry scandals and fuss and discusses it with guests.

After his multiple court appearances, the show has already reported news about Ezra Miller’s potential DC movie role. The Flash actor has been detained several times for his violent behavior.

Similar to Rolling Stone’s report that the Snyder Editing movement was heavily influenced by Twitter bots, the pop culture crisis also touches on themes that cause chaos online.

Lydia Smith always has something to say about any trending topic on social media. She discusses often and tries to get as much coverage as possible by tweeting her thoughts.

People occasionally get mad at her ideas and don’t fully understand them, which is understandable since everyone has different cognitive styles and critical thinking skills.

Recently, social media users were not happy with her harsh and inhumane comments about a prisoner’s response.

Her remarks drew condemnation on Twitter and Reddit. People demanded an apology after hearing her remarks about prisoners and getting upset. However, her comment was removed after considerable criticism.

Sometimes, a person can find their ideal colleague. Lydia Smith felt the same way when she watched her partner on the show she co-produced.

On April 29, 2022, she and Andy Letterman exchanged vows. An interesting piece of news is that Andy is a co-producer of the Timcast IRL show alongside Pop Culture Crisis and The Green Room. In each, she and Andy have worked together.

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