Madison Cawthorn Cousin Leaked Video Viral On Reddit, Twitter, YouTube & Instagram, Who Is He?

Last month a video went viral on Twitter, the video was of the politician Madison Cawthorn. The video was NSFW and when the video went viral several things from the other side of the committee were revealed according to which an investigation was held upon Madison. He was rather charged for not submitting the financial disclosures to the House of representatives. Various screenshots came up showing that he was sending all the money to his cousin Stephen L. Smith. On Monday an official complaint was filed against Madison to take him down from his position. The chairman of American Muckrakers Mr. David Wheeler said during filing the complaint that Smith and Madison were living together and various screenshot depicts that he was sending money to his cousin Smith. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

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Madison Cawthorn Cousin Leaked Video

All the financial missing details were filled in as the screenshots were out. After he was charged several media houses including the Daily Mail, a video of him was released where he was seen in a car and was saying something personal. The video showcased that he was with some unknown man where the unknown person was touching him in his private areas and they both were talking to each other. Where both of them said that they wanted someone naked below their hand. After the camera was turned it was revealed that the camera guy was none other than his cousin. At first, people were not aware that he was Madison’s cousin, later when some representatives from the party said that it was Madison’s cousin,

Madison Cawthorn Cousin: Wikipedia & Biography

The news spread all over the place. Later Wheeler posted various screenshots where he made payments to his cousin, which were between 2018 June and -2019 January. It came out that they were in a physical relationship with each other, as the screenshots had messages which were clearly giving out that they were in a relationship. The message was like Love me every night, The airport thing was in hurry, Nude, and Move put of Sweden for me. Although all of these were right in front as proof still his representative called it ridiculous.

According to Wheeler’s complaint, the missing financial details were gifted to Smith. He also wrote in the complaint to hold an investigation to check if the relationship between these two violated any House rules and Bylaws. The representative who was in favor of Madison said that the PAC made was false, and they cannot be in a relationship as they both are cousins. Although, the video showed something else.

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