Madison Cawthorn Video Viral & Leaked On Twitter, Instagram, YouTube & Reddit Link, Who Is He?

Twitter has become the house of gossip and lately many videos which are quite unpleasant and are adult content are been shared on the internet. Likewise many others, there is one such video that is getting viral is of the politician, Madison Cawthorn. In a recent event, his video of him in a car is getting viral. The video has got lakhs of views and shares. In the video, Madison is seen seated with a guy who was filming a video. The guy’s name was Stephen smith. Both of them were talking with each other when Madison said that He feels the passion to see the naked body below his hand and the man replied to it as- I also want the same thing. The guy revealed the thing. It was okay until this moment the next thing is what all the conflict is all about. The guy as soon as he showed his face, he smiled at the camera, turned it around, and was groped by the other guy. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Who Is Madison Cawthorn?

Things were not over yet, the video got viral and many of the followers retweeted and shared it. Netizens are depicting that the video is leaked, as Madison didn’t post anything like this before. As per his senior official, the guy was his scheduler. The video was shared on a private website and was leaked. The President of American Mucrakers shared a screenshot of the copy of him charging and filing a complaint against Madison. He said that Madison was not reporting the financial details of the gifts and loans that were given to Smith.

Madison Cawthorn Video

It is said that he has been missing from his duties and not fluffing the details of the loans he has been lending for Smith. There was another complaint filed against Madison that both of them Madison and Smith were living together and Madison isn’t filling the details of the money lent, which is for sure to be taken charge of. Several screenshots of Madison’s and smith’s chats are leaked in which they were talking about the exchange of money for fluffing each other’s needs. In one of the messages, Madison was seen saying that he is happy and lent the money for loving him day and night.

Madison Cawthorn Video Viral & Leaked

Clearly, they were dating or were in physical relations. As per one of his colleagues, Smith was Madison’s cousin and was too close. People were offended and were disgusted to see his behavior and relations. Committee members from the party line said that an official inquiry will be held against him for misleading, cheating, and breaking the rules of the party and that he will be taken into serious consideration before he commits any other drama.

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