Magnolia Network Renews Art In Bloom Restored Premiere Dates Set

Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Network renewed “Art in Bloom with Helen Dealtry” and “Restored” and ordered three new cooking and refurbishment series, while also announcing an August premiere date.

New shows premiering this fall are “Big Sky Kitchen with Eduardo Garcia” (tentative title), “La Pitchoune: French Cooking” and “Weekend Makeover” with DIY expert Jeanne Yolo. “Art in Bloom” has been selected for season three and “Restored” for season seven, both set to premiere in the coming months.

“Eduardo Garcia’s Big Sky Kitchen” centers on a Montana chef who invites viewers into his kitchen, where he uses fresh, local ingredients to prepare meals from Latin and Jewish traditions. Magnolia has ordered six and a half-hour episodes of the series from Linguine Prods.

In this “Weekend Makeover,” DIY expert Jenni Yolo refreshes a space in a family, client, or friend’s home in one weekend. The nine-episode series comes from RIVR Media.

“La Pitchoune: Cooking in France” is a seven-part documentary produced by Citizen about four friends who run a culinary school at Julia Child’s former home. Students from all over the world learn French cooking techniques in the kitchen where Julia cooks and writes her most famous recipes.

Next month, Magnolia Network will premiere the new series “Recipe Lost and Found,” “The Art of Vintage,” “Capturing Home,” “Rental Redo,” “Diary of an Old Home” and “Baked in Tradition,” as well as new A season of Living With Older and Bargaining Mansions, as well as the new Magnolia Studio series, Cook Like a Chef: Home Chef Cookbooks with Chef Katie Button.

See below for premiere dates and series descriptions for shows launching on Magnolia Network’s linear and streaming platforms in August.

Recipe Lost and Found – NEW SERIES – Classically trained chef and food anthropologist Casey Corn is helping people rediscover their lost family recipes, delving into each family’s history and culture to reveal the magic behind the dish. New episodes every Friday starting August 5th (streaming only)

retro art – NEW COLLECTION – Vintage dealer and designer Katie Saro creates one-of-a-kind spaces for her clients and shares her unique styling and design skills while transforming her own rooms. New episodes (streaming + cable) every Saturday at 12pm EST starting August 6

Occupy the homeland – NEW COLLECTION – Designers Amy Neunsinger and Kate Martindale draw inspiration from the personal stories of the homeowners to create a one-of-a-kind custom space for their families. New episodes (streaming + cable) every Saturday at 1 pm EST starting August 6

in the old – NEW SEASON – Designers, builders, and old-house enthusiasts in America’s small towns and big cities reimagine and transform abandoned structures by preserving their historic integrity while giving them new uses. Beginning Aug. 24, Wednesday at 8 pm EST (streaming + cable)

bargain mansion – NEW SEASON – For home restoration specialist Tamara Day, the bigger the house, the bigger the challenge. The Kansas City, Missouri native is passionate about restoring large neglected homes, bringing them back to life, and making new families fall in love with them. Thursday, August 25th at 9 pm EST (cable only)

rental redo – NEW COLLECTION – Designer Keyanna Bowen is passionate about renovating rental properties, showing that you don’t have to spend a fortune to make a big impact. She renews rent while revealing cost-saving tips to help tenants feel more at home. New episodes every Friday starting August 26 (streaming only)

old house diary – NEW COLLECTION – Homeowners can get an up-close look at the original features and modern finishes to make their old home unique. They also shared a passion for understanding and protecting the unique history of their property. New episodes every Friday starting August 26 (streaming only)

traditional bake (fka Against the Grain) – New Collection – Baker Bryan Ford travels to bakeries across New York City to focus on baking traditions from different cultures. He tasted and discussed baked goods that may not have received the mainstream attention they deserve, noting that certain snacks are similar even though they come from different countries. New episodes every Sunday starting August 28 (streaming + cable)

Cook Like a Chef: Recipes for Home Cooks – NEW MULAN WORKSHOP CLASS – Chef Katie Button invites you into her kitchen to learn basic cooking techniques and techniques for preparing delicious recipes that you can continue to use for years to come. The full workshop session will debut on the Magnolia app on Friday, August 19

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